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Modern means efficiency & productivity that saves YOUR money
Legacy software is like a suitcase without a handle
Still want to carry and suffer?

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Which kind of software is better: boxed or bespoke?
Often a box version is cheaper, but slower and more complicated. A bespoke one is more expensive, but faster and fits exactly your needs without bells and whistles. We offer bespoke software services based on existing components at a reasonable cost, solutions that are simple to use and robust in production. Interested? Contact us!

About us



a team of skilled software professionals with great experiences


in building modern web-based applications for businesses


latest development means
C#, +core, Angular +Material, TypeScript


ready with Xamarin, Cordova+Ionic for iOS & Android


data in MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebase


Micro-services, Docker containers, Multitenant & Multilingual apps


in building applications of enterprise level in EHS & GRC area for 8+ years


with Go, Business Process Management (BPM), Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), WebRTC


to implement your ideas in software at a reasonable cost

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